One of my most important tips that I give to my sellers when we have a sit down meeting to talk about what they can do to help their home sell. I always mention decluttering.

What is decluttering?

Decluttering is simply going through your home trying to put things away so things aren’t just sitting out all over the place. Finding ways to organize the home and declutter it.

Since you’re moving, you can also declutter ahead of time by simply boxing your things up and putting the boxes down in the basement in an organized fashion.

The goal is to declutter your main level and your upstairs if you have a second story home. You want your main living area to be decluttered to the point that it feels clean, it feels open, and it doesn’t feel like there’s all kinds of stuff laying around everywhere.

Why is decluttering so important to a home sale?

It really helps the perception of value of the buyer when they come through the home. As they’re walking through the home, they’re trying to picture themselves living in the home.

When they see all these different distractions, everything laying all over the counters, everything all over the living room, all over the dining room, then they start to feel like this is a hoarder house.

It starts to lower the perceived value of the home. Clutter can affect the worth of the home in their mind, and they might not be willing to offer your asking price.

Or if they get into a bidding war with other buyer’s, then they might not be as tempted to give a high offer above ask price anymore because of the clutter and the chaos of the home.

So decluttering can actually be a hidden gem that can actually help you sell your home and get more value out of it.

Make sure you have your home nicely cleaned before showings. Have things picked up, put away, and try to wipe counters down, sweep, and bathrooms clean.

You know, just simple tips like these to make your home present better for showings. It’s going to help the buyers impression of your home when they come through for showings.

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Realtor Nick Foy

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