Elkhart might be known for its musical instruments and recreational vehicles, but did you know that it’s an amazing place to get married? If you and your loved one have been looking into the perfect place to make the day as special as possible, we’ve got you covered.

In this post, we’re going to look at the best wedding venues in Elkhart. We’re going to cover the arrangements and the attractions so that you can make an informed decision about the most important day in your life.

Best Wedding Venues in Elkhart

Every man and every woman think about their wedding day numerous times before the day actually comes. Some want it to be the grandest event of all while some want to elope with just the loved one.

Whatever your idea of the perfect marriage is, Elkhart in Indiana can make it happen. The credit all goes to the unique venues we’re going to list in this section. Without teasing your dream anymore, let’s get started.

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#1: The Ruthmere Museum

If you ask any locals about where to get married, a lot of them will answer Ruthmere without giving it much thought. It’s a legit museum that outsources the campus for ambitious people like you. The estate is large enough to seat around 150 guests with ease.

The layout of this wedding venue makes it perfect for both intimate elopements with a few of your closest friends and a grand celebration. Paired up with the history and art offered by the museum aspect of the venue, it’s going to be a memorable day for you no matter how you look at it.

All elements of a traditional marriage that you can think of are available on the premises. Round tables, linen cloths, arches, and chairs. Moreover, Ruthmere Museum is partnered up with the best-in-class vendors in the area to accommodate any of your special needs.

An interesting offering is MicroWedding. If you’ve never heard of it before, you’re not alone. It’s a concept popularized during the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic. Due to social distancing regulations, many people got married with witnesses present only. This is essentially a MicroWedding.

At Ruthmere, you can do one if you like the idea. Keep in mind that the maximum allows personnel is 5. However, you can add guests for an extra charge if you want. The lovers, the officiant, and two witnesses. You can pack it for $400 only! The package is known as Ruby MicroWedding.

If we have to mention a few drawbacks of this place, the first one would be handicap inaccessibility. Moreover, Ruthmere Museum doesn’t offer any liability insurance or WIFI. Other than that, it’s a stellar location for two people in love to get married.

#2: Matterhorn

If you envision your wedding day as a large-scale indoor event, then Matterhorn might be the perfect wedding venue for you in Elkhart. You can invite up to 500 guests by merging the East Room, West Room, and Oak room.

Speaking of merger, you may have already got the notion that this venue is separated into various halls with varying capacities. The East Room is the smallest of all, accommodating 80 people at a time. One of the coolest features in our opinion is the impromptu dance floor. Just let the staff know beforehand if you want it and they’ll set it right up for you.

Matterhorn has been bringing dreams to life since 1977 in the same location. Over the years, the locals, as well as the outsiders, have grown to love the place for celebrations in general. Events coordinators and third-party vendors are also offered at Matterhorn for the facilities it can’t provide.

The reasoning behind incorporating third-party vendors is simple. The team doesn’t want to send you off with a feeling of compromise deep down in your heart. It’s your day and you should be able to celebrate it as you want.

The entire facility features very elegant décor and plenty of space to move around and enjoy even after the tables are set up. You can ask for all kinds of decorative items that go into a wedding in general. If you have something unique in mind, just talk to the event coordinator beforehand and they’ll manage everything.

The venue is surrounded by hotels and other leisure activities so that you and your guests can enjoy their stay while in Elkhart. Last but not the least, the northern suburbs of the city will always be there to calm your heart.

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#3: Rock Run Creek Barn

This might not appeal to all of you. But we know for a fact there are hopeless romantics out there who would die to book such a place for their special day. The Rock Run Creek Barn is, well, a barn painted in bright red. It’s been standing in the same place since the 1850s.

The entire setup of the place makes it the perfect place for both weddings and receptions. Whether you want an elopement or a grand wedding, Rock Run Creek Barn can do both. It’s a family-run venue and it reflects in all the operations. It offers a certain extent of warmth that you can’t get at commercial venues.

The barn itself is not very large. So, if you’ve been dreaming of a massive indoor wedding, this might not be the perfect place for you. However, if you’re willing to do it under the open sky, Rock Run Creek Bar will get the Bridge ready. It’s right over the creek that contributed to naming the place.

On an outdoor event, you can witness the mesmerizing beauty of the vast farmlands and the mild weather of Elkhart county. Tables and chairs will be provided by the venue and they’ll be set up just the way you want them to be. There is plenty of open space for your guests to mingle with each other and have a good time. In fact, they can manage a horse carriage if you want! Isn’t that neat?

#4: The Barns at Nappanee

Known as the Home of Amish Acres, it’s another barn-oriented wedding venue in Elkhart. It’s located at 1600 West Market Street right in the heart of Nappanee city. The total facility scales beyond 80 acres of land!

The mind-blowing Amish countryside is sure to take your and your guests’ breath away at first sighting. The barn itself is quite large and appropriate for all kinds of settings you might have in mind.

Right outside the barn, there are a series of trees, a lake, and acres of open space. The venue has been standing strong since the 1800s. There are actually three barns that you can use, each having its own setup and legacy behind it.

All of the barns are now climate-controlled, but the original hardwood flooring and the high triangular ceilings are still there. Along with being a spectacular wedding venue, this place is a marvel of modern engineering in our opinion.

There are dressing rooms, indoor event spaces, reception areas, and on-site accommodation facilities. It even offers liability insurance! You can accommodate well over 300 guests if you manage to book all three barns.

Among the drawbacks, the most prominent one would be that there is no WIFI for your guests.

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#5: The Blue Heron

If aesthetics is a major concern for you, then the Blue Heron might be just the wedding venue you’ve been looking for in Elkhart. It has plenty of farmlands, long grass, and an overall beautiful landscape.

The Blue Heron can accommodate up to 300 guests. It allows different wedding settings such as civil unions, religious ceremonies, elopements, vow renewal, interfaith marriages, and so on.

The venue offers a full range of catering services. It means you can satisfy the taste buds of your guests without going back and forth with third-party vendors. The place looks more like a posh country club rather than a proper wedding venue. And that’s part of the charm of this place.

The south lawn is mostly used for outdoor weddings. Because it offers the perfect setting with vast landscapes. If you select the golden hour for your wedding, you can take pictures that’ll burn into your memories forever!

The Blue Heron offers a ceremony area, dressing rooms for brides and bridegrooms, a covered outdoor space, liability insurance, a reception area, a dance floor, wireless internet, indoor event spaces, and whatnot!

The only thing that’s not available in the on-site accommodation. Although it shouldn’t be a problem because there are plenty of hotels nearby!

Final Words

A wedding is the most special day for the majority. And we know how stressful the planning phase is. Among all other tasks, coming up with a competent venue is probably the most stressful of all.

To alleviate your stress to some degree, we’ve listed the best 5 wedding venues in Elkhart County. If you’re a local, you can just go directly to the venues to check them out and get a quote. If you’re an outsider and you’ve chosen Elkhart to be your destination wedding, you can contact them through the websites and get more details.

Before we part ways, congratulations on your special day!

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